Grown Folks Tour!!!

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The Grown Folks Tour seeks to engage audiences through spoken word and theater by featuring two solo plays that explore and examine what it means to grow up, love and become yourself.

The Grown Folks Tour Features Shannon Matesky’s She Think She Grown and Danez Smith’s For Those Who Pray. Also on tour in Britteney Blackrose Kapri and Ayinde Cartman.

She Think She Grown by Shannon Matesky is a journey of learning how to grow up without getting ahead of yourself. Exploring the idea that turning 18 makes you an adult Shannon gives her personal experiences as a young woman and the wake-up calls that help her realize that she is not yet “grown” at all. Shannon confesses to her audience that being “grown” is much more complicated than just being legal. Shannon urges young adults to take their time to grow up and to appreciate their young adult years in this powerful one-woman show.

For Those Who Pray in Closets by Danez Smith is a one-man theatre production about Isaiah, a 22-year old man who by day is a quiet church boy and by night is a budding drag princess trying to hide his relationship with the pastor’s son. Isaiah tries to dance his way around without his two lives meeting but Isaiah finds himself at a standstill, having to choose between his religion and sexuality, his God and his lover, his saint and his sin. For Those Who Pray in Closets uses Isaiah to explore questions of balance, of whether God and Queer can exist in the same body, to explore what can happen when a person is forced to choose, and asks the question: Why do I have to pick?

Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, IL – March 21, 2013

Ohio Wesleyan, OH- April 21, 2013

Intermedia Arts, MN – April 25, 2013

7 Stages Theatre in Atlanta, GA – May 21, 2013

Community Education Center, PA – May 24, 2013

Oakland School for the Arts in Oakland, Ca – June 13-14, 2013

The Wild Project in New York, NY- July 5, 2013

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YouTube Preview Image

Check this video of a series we have started at the historic Second City!!! Check us out March 10th at 9:30!!

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How Long Will I Cry?

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I am blessed to be apart of a great production at Steppenwolf Theatre as part of their Young Adult Production of How Long Will I Cry? If you can check it out!! There are only a few public performances!!!

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Tour! Tour! Tour! Tour!

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She Think She Grown has made leaps and bounds beyond its creation. I am so excited to be launching this amazing endeavor. Alongside my piece will be Danez Smith’s for Those Who Pray in Closets and Blackrose Kapri’s Love on the Frontline.

We will be going to Philadelphia, New York, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Los Angeles and ending in THE BAY AREA in Oakland. Details on how to buy tickets will be coming shortly.

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Steppenwolf Garage After Party!

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Photo by Ryan Borque

She Think She Grown has been chosen as one of the events in Steppenwolf Garage’s After Party that will take place after their Garage Rep Shows. This will be my only show in Chicago before I take it on tour to Oakland, LA, Seattle, Philadelphia, New York and hopefully DC! My Chicago friends and family Please check it out! Buy your tickets now!!!

Details: The Steppenwolf Garage (1624 N Halsted St) at 11pm, March 21st

Tickets ($5) are on sale now through Audience Services (1650 N Halsted St), 312-335-1650 and Steppenwolf’s Website.

Read more: Full Schedule

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In Chicago one of the best performance venues and events is Salonathon. Salonathon started as a student project for Jane Beachy and Kelly Kewrin. Now it is a hub of some of the greatest emerging artist. It is gender bending, multi-genre, performance explosion. There are some new curators to the night that have been bringing heat!!! Will Von Vogt and Joseph Varisco are killing!!! If you find yourself chillin on a Monday night head down to Beauty Bar, 8pm they do hosted bar, and enjoy yourself!! Right??

Check it: Salonathon

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An Excerpt

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An excerpt from She Think She Grown June 2012 at The Theatre School of DePaul University by invitation of Sharon Bridgeforth and the Theatrical Jazz Institute.

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“Domestic” is an excerpt from She Think She Grown. The piece explores ideas of proposed adult behavior that makes us miss the joys of childhood. As kids we all want to  be grown but once we get there we realize it isn’t just fun and games. Its work. Labor. Adulthood can also be full of love and enjoyment but all in balance. As adults there are things that must be done, handled and responsibilities to uphold. Its all a journey. A Beautiful ride.

Enjoy the video!!! Music by Wale Afolayan and shot by the awesome Isabel Lee!!!

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Heaven 2012- The Shrine

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A few friends and I threw an event at The Shrine Chicago in order to raise funds for families that couldn’t afford to bury their children in leu of Chicago’s Violence. We managed to raise $1000 and bring a young mother some sunshine to her day. Here is a video, hope you enjoy. Continue the movement. Life is Living. YouTube Preview Image

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She Think She Grown on Tour!!

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She Think She Grown is ready for tour!!! I will be traveling with the famed Danez Smith and Britteney Blackrose Kapri and of course my musician Wale Afolayan creating The Grown Folks Tour. We will tour colleges and communities to spark dialogue around different subjects of growing up and what it means to love yourself through those transitions. We are so excited to come to your community!!! Email us at for inquiries!

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