I am a very passionate teacher who offers technical skills for the growing artist. Seminars can be one on one sessions or in group settings and last from 1-4 hours. Please contact me for rates.

Seminars Offered:

Poetry Boot Camp: This seminar focusses on the performance of our poetry. This is not an editing class although editing may be needed for the best performance. Different exercises lead the students through a physical understanding of their own work and the work of others. Exercises range from deep text analysis to active jogging, yoga and floor work.
“Shannon Matesky leads you through a poetry workshop with a verve that puts her passion on full display. Not only does she guide with the intention of making one excellent, but she inspires with every wave of her voice.” – Imani Diltz, Poet

Solo Performance Workshop: I have written three solo shows and have studied the field in length. If you are currently thinking or working on a show I can help you understand the process, find the resources, and develop a plan on how to execute.

The Power of Presence: A performance workshop used to enhance awareness around what it means to be present in your own body, and in front of an audience. This can be applied to poetry, monologues, audition, public speaking or any form of performance.

Breath and Body for Emcees: Using Linklater and Lessac techniques, this workshop is a basic application of breath to voice, and voice to text. Emcees use the text of their raps and Emcees that have inspired them to gain a stronger control over their body and performance practice. Students from this class leave with a warm up technique to apply to their practice.

Yoga for the Learning Body: I have a keen interest in holistic wellness and use yoga as tool for reconnecting us to our bodies. Trained in Yoga and Feldenkrais, I will lead you through a session that strengthens your body, mind, and spirit.
“Shannon Matesky will give you a renewed look on fitness and healing. After experiencing Shannon’s private yoga class I must say I have a consistent and peaceful presence that carries me throughout the day. Shannon Focuses on the full body strengthening and full breathing. During her class I am reminded to focus, to breathe. She keeps me connected to the Divine and my inner peace.” – Sherrell Sneed, Yoga Student